Taylor Wood loves to play. As a little girl, she played pretend in the yard with her twin sisters for hours. Little has changed. She enjoys cartoons, takes pride in her garden and keeps a dedicated dream journal. She can be seen buying stuffies for Odin, the European Great Dane, and Ollie, the neurotic Whippet mix. She lives the dream: Her fiancé is an extremely talented chef. Even though her cooking skills don’t exist, she has a pretty darn good tasting palette.
Taylor needs to move every day. She has spent many hours of her life upside down or flying through the air. She really wants a trampoline in her backyard. She finds it difficult to sit still—a quality she balances out with yoga, meditation, and podcasts from Tara Brach. Her love languages are physical touch and quality time, so hug her often and sit down for a chat.
Taylor dreams of opening a studio of her own one day. She wants to spread her passion for play, create art in her own space and collaborate with other artists.



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