Taylor Wood

I believe in creativity

I love referring to my work as serious play—in the words of Albert Einstein: “Play is the highest form of research.” My favorite way to disrupt is through humor. I cultivate an open mind and lead with intuition. 
Creating new work in ensemble invigorates me. I believe in igniting creativity, building relationships, and encouraging productive conflict. I build safe spaces for authentic expression that support bold leaps into uncharted territory.
The human body fascinates me. I am currently in an Alexander Technique Training Program (AMSAT). I encourage loving kindness for the Self through creativity, authentic movement, self-expression, community bonding, postural awareness, mindfulness, yoga, empathy, nonviolent language, and anything else that works really. I have acquired many tools to inspire artists to tend to their own instruments.
I enjoy exploring the interplay of conscious self-management and unconscious abandon. It is vital for me to spend time upside down every day!
I like to think of myself as a collection of bones inside of a meat sack. I work with subtle energy and believe in unseen forces. After all, we are governed by what we can’t see: think gravity, emotions, electromagnetism… I can sense emotional charges and read the energy in a room. I consider myself a dreamer, and believe in the power of dreams to influence creativity. I want to listen deeply, connect, and create. If you would like to connect, visit my contact page.
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