Taylor believes in creating new work as a vehicle to further important conversations. A better understanding of humanity as it is right now paves the way for communication, conflict resolution, and social change. Taylor enjoys innovative group creation and devising scripts from improvisation.
Her original show, Glue, premiered at Moonlight Theater Company in Athens, GA. She partnered with the University of Georgia’s oldest student-run theatre company, the Thalian Blackfriars, to create a show from scratch. The cast was led through methods inspired by NYU’s Experimental Theatre Wing and Frantic Assembly in England. The exercises encouraged full-body expression, improvisation, and ensemble work. A script emerged. Glue was Taylor’s second show created with this process; the first, Us, premiered at University of Georgia’s Cellar Theatre.
Taylor enjoys directing more traditional, scripted theatre shows and children’s theatre. She directed work with young adults age 12-18 in underserved areas of Memphis, TN. Taylor’s primary research area focuses on creating theatre that inspires and transforms.